Build a more financially stable tomorrow, one future client at a time.

What We Do

My First Nest Egg helps financial institutions prove their commitment to financial literacy education in a way that builds loyalty with current clients while also creating brand affinity and trust with the next generation.

By partnering with My First Nest Egg you will send a strong message to your clients that you are committed to the financial well-being of their families.

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How We Do It

My First Nest Egg gamifies healthy financial habits for children ages 3-12.

✓ Easy-to-use & fun digital piggy bank
✓ Behavior psychology-based methods
✓ Gamified user interface design
✓ Earn & learn focused approach
✓ White labeled for your organization
✓ Customized and affordable pricing plans

“My kids are obsessed with this app.”

— Rosemary S. (Mom of 2)

“Finally an App I can recommend for parents of younger kids that encourages chores, financial literacy, and self-esteem building. So easy and fun.”

— Gabby S., Educator

“My First Nest Egg is so much fun.”

— Kingston (age 11)

“I used to nag my kids to do chores, now my kids beg for more chores.”

— Jen P. (Mom of 3)

“The earning puzzles in this App are genius. Our morning routine went from tears to triumph.”

— Alex S., Dad

“This App is amazing! It encourages chores, makes allowance easy, and is so fun for kids.”

— Allie B., Mom

“My First Nest Egg is a way to systematically teach goal-setting, perseverance, and self-competency.”

— Dr. Jennifer Gatt, Ph. D., Advisor and Board Member at My First Nest Egg

“I am saving for the Batmobile.”

— Laila (age 6)

Money habits are set by age 7.

72% of parents want help teaching their kids about money. Schools are not providing adequate financial education, and parents are struggling to find resources to teach their children at home. We were those parents.

We couldn’t find an age-appropriate solution to teach our kids financial literacy, so we made one.

Our platform does not include a debit card tied to a big bank – just virtual money in the bank of mom and dad. We provide a powerful tool to start family conversations about financial values while teaching kids the healthy money habits that will last a lifetime. When children are ready for real accounts or a debit card, their parents can pass down the values that led them to your institution.

Partner with Moms Who Care

Nicolle and Annie are passionate about bringing financial literacy education to all children to help solve the wealth gap plaguing our communities. We are committed to giving children and parents the tools they need to educate our way out of this financial literacy epidemic.

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