My First Nest Egg
The Chore and Allowance App Made by Moms

Money Habits are Set By Age 7

My First Nest Egg helps you teach your kids healthy money habits in a cashless world

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Puzzle Pieces Based in Behavioral Science

Based in Behavioral Science

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Phoenix Business Journal: Startups to Watch

My First Nest Egg named one of 9 Valley tech companies poised to expand — and have a breakthrough year in 2023.

Bubble App of the Day: My First Nest Egg

My First Nest Egg was featured as the App of the Day.

Nicolle Hood, Entrepreneur, co-Founder, My First Nest Egg

An interview with Nicolle Hood by Sam X Renick from Sammy Rabbit.

Annie Shoen, Mom, Entrepreneur, co-Founder, My First Nest Egg

An interview with Annie Shoen by Sam X Renick from Sammy Rabbit.

Asa and RevTech Labs to Host Best of Show Fintech Showcase at #FinCon22 Financial Influencer Conference

MyFirstNestEgg selected as one of the six Best of Show Fintechs to present at the conference.

My First Nest Egg and Holy Rosary Credit Union partner to expand financial literacy education for children

Partnership with My First Nest Egg will give Holy Rosary Credit Union’s members and partner schools access to a new financial education platform.

Credit unions need to go Alpha

Why credit unions should be targeting Gen Alpha today Nicolle Hood.

by Nicolle Hood

My First Nest Egg and Landings Credit Union partner to expand financial literacy education for children

Partnership with My First Nest Egg will give Landings Credit Union members access to a new financial education platform.

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Parents and Kids Review the App

Family of three young boys and parents standing on a field

How My First Nest Egg Has Helped This Family

“The App has been really helpful to show our kids how they can earn their own money to buy the things they want. They understand that money needs to be earned, and it has helped to show them the value of working hard to get what they want. I have also noticed that they take much better care of the items that they buy using their own money earned on the app. Another thing is when they see something they like or really want, and they don’t have enough money to buy it right away, it helps to teach them the value of saving as well as the value of working hard.”

Heather (Mom of 3)

“I used to nag my kids to do chores, now my kids beg for more chores.”

— Jenn P. (Mom of 3)

“I’m saving for the BatMobile.”

Laila (Age 6)

“My First Nest Egg is so much fun!”

— Jason (Age 11)

“My First Nest Egg has been a game changer for our 3 year old. It limits constant treats in favor or puzzle pieces. He loves watching his puzzle come together.”

Sabrina G. (Mom of 2)

“I have been looking for a way to teach my children about money and responsibility. My First Nest Egg is perfect for this! The children love it and it’s easy for all of us to use. It’s a fun way for the family to connect.”

App Store Review

“This has ended the struggle in my house over getting ready for bed and school. My daughter understands that taking a bath, putting on pjs, and brushing her teeth will earn her a puzzle piece for a much wanted toy. Total genius.”


“My kids are obsessed with this app.”

Rosemary S. (Mom of 2)

“The app is intuitive, easy to use, and so much fun!”


“Game changer for our kids’ achievement and behavior!”


“This app has made our day to day lives so much easier. Our kids love earning with puzzles and keeping track of the money in their egg. This is a great way to teach kids the financial literacy they’re missing in school.”

Sisi gx

“My kids have never been so motivated to help with chores and learn great habits. They are saving, being helpful and kind, and seeing the rewards build. Great tool for any family!”

Erin (Mom of 2)

“As an educator, I love this app for my kiddo. The puzzles are user-friendly and so fun. I really am excited that this will inspire us to learn together how to better manage our money. This is a must-have for every parent.”


“This is a great tool for teaching kids financial literacy! My kids love the puzzles and it makes doing chores rewarding and fun!! Highly recommended!”

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