Landings has partnered with My First Nest Egg to bring our members a comprehensive youth financial literacy education.

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Landings is rewarding our Youth Members with a new Marvel Comic Book once they’ve completed their 25th daily quiz question on the My First Nest Egg App!

Download the My First Nest Egg App now and start your child’s journey to healthy financial habits.

Download the App for free courtesy of Landings Credit Union, and join our community of parents whose children are learning to achieve, save, and be generous.

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A girl with a dollar bill - teaching kids to budget their allowance

Want An Easy Way for Your Kids to Budget their Allowance? Try The 50/30/20 Rule!

Learn what the 50/30/20 Rule is and how to use it to help your kids become master money managers.

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Investing for kids boy in front of a large stock chart

Investing for Kids: How to Help Them Start Growing Their Money

Investing for kids is an important step for helping them to achieve financial literacy and eventually financial independence.

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My First Nest Egg App Guide for Parents & Kids

Learn how to use the My First Nest Egg App to change your child’s mindset and turn “I want” into “I want to EARN.”

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Does your little one love to act? Say hilarious things? Submit a short video of them telling a joke or explaining a financial term and we’ll feature them here! To submit a video use the contact form below.


An account is where you deposit money to save or use at a later time.

F is for Finance


Finance is a fancy way to describe dealing with your money.

I is for Inflation


Inflation is the increase in the prices of goods and services over time.

Useful Calculators

Kids can start learning to budget early! It is a skill that will serve them well all throughout life.

Read this helpful article on how to teach your kids how to budget and then let them play with these fun calculators which will show them how to budget their allowance, and how fast compound interest adds up!

The Good Egg Allowance Budgeting Calculator

The Savings Egg Compound Interest Calculator

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Frequently Asked Questions About My First Nest Egg

Who created this App?

The App was created by Nicolle and Annie, a couple of moms from Arizona who were frustrated by the lack of early childhood financial literacy solutions. We complained for a hot second and then did what moms do – started working on a solution. We worked with a developer on a no code platform called Bubble to iterate and make the App something that our mom friends love. That’s it. You can read more on the About Us page.

Why do you use puzzles to track earning?

We use puzzles to track earning for a few excellent reasons – all based in behavioral psychology. First, puzzles are fun! Kids need things to be fun if they’re going to keep engaging. Second, puzzles are the perfect way to teach kids the lifelong important skill of delayed gratification. Kids get instant gratification from earning a puzzle piece, and learn to delay their gratification of the overall “prize” until the end. Third, puzzles provide visual stimulus to keep kids motivated. There is nothing more frustrating than staring at an unfinished puzzle.

How much parental engagement does the App require?

Very little! The average interaction with the App is less than a minute. The real work is done outside the App. Kids achieve and engage in Acts of Kindness outside the App and then track those accomplishments in the App. Savings can be automatic (life skill!) and the Daily Fun Fact is just that – one fun fact a day to build financial knowledge.